Demag AC120


Our Demag AC120 is in a good working condition, immediately available and ready for inspection.

We have all necessary documents and papers for you to register and operate the crane:
CE (Declaration of Conformity)
Operating instructions
Vehicle registration
Crane log book
Load charts

If interested we can also help you with transport, paintjobs and service/maintenance.

Manufacturer: Demag
Type: AC120
Lifting capacity: 120 t
Year: 1998

Data Chassis
Engine make/type: MB OM442 LA
Engine output: 370 kW / 503 hp
Gearbox make/type: ZF Transmatik (16 ranges)
Retarder: Yes
Axle lines: 5
Drive: 10 x 8
Tires: 16.00 R25
Kilometers: 144.000
Hours: 10.200

Data Superstructure
Engine make/type: MB OM 366 A
Engine output: 112 kW / 153 hp
Main boom: 12,9 – 60 m
Fly jib: 9,2 – 17 m (0,20,40⁰)
Winches: 1
Hook blocks: 50t (3-sheaves) & 7,2t (Ball hook)
Counterweight (t): 38t (full)
Safe load indicator: IC-1
Hours: 14.750

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Fabricante : Demag
Tipo: AC120
Ano de construção: 1998
Capacidade de elevação: 120 ton
Comprimento da lança: 12,9 – 60 m
Fly jib: 9,2 – 17 m (0,20,40⁰)
Guinchos: 1
Quilometragem: 144.000
Horas estrutura superior: 14.750
Horas do chassi: 10.200
Estrutura superior motocicleta marca/modelo: MB OM 366 A
Poder estrutura superior: 112 kW / 153 hp
Marca/tipo do motor do chassi: MB OM442 LA
Chassis poder: 370 kW / 503 hp
Transmissão: ZF Transmatik (16 ranges)
Tamanho das rodas: 16.00 R25
Drives e Controles: 10 x 8
Blocos de elevação: 50t (3-sheaves) & 7,2t (Ball hook)
Contrapeso (t): 38t (full)
Safe load indicator: IC-1
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