Hitachi KH230-3


Our Hitachi KH230-3 is in a good working condition, immediately available and ready for inspection.

We have all necessary documents and papers for you to register and operate the crane:
CE (Declaration of Conformity)
Operating instructions
Crane log book
Load charts

If interested we can also help you with transport, paintjobs and service/maintenance.

Main Data
Manufacturer crane / chassis: Hitachi
Model / Type of crane: KH230‐3
Max. Capacity: 65 t
Serial no. / Chassis no.: 245‐0228
Year / First taken into operation: 1992
Location / Availability ‘as‐is’: Spain

Data Superstructure
Telescopic boom / Lattice boom: 34M lattice
Winches jib: 2
Engine make / type: (hp/kW) Hino
Hookblocks / Crane hook (t): 1
Counterweight (t): Full
Safe load indicator: Krueger
Working hours crane: 12.600 hours

Datasheet                  Brochure


Fabricante : Hitachi
Tipo: KH230-3
Ano de construção: 1992
Capacidade de elevação: 65 ton
Comprimento da lança: 34 m
Guinchos: 2
Horas: 12.600
Motor marca/modelo: (hp/kW) Hino
Blocos de elevação: 1
Contrapeso (t): Full
Safe load indicator: Krueger
Serial number: 245‐0228
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