Liebherr LTM1150


Our Liebherr LTM1150 is in a good working condition, immediately available and ready for inspection.

We have all necessary documents and papers for you to register and operate the crane:
CE (Declaration of Conformity)
Operating instructions
Vehicle registration
Crane log book
Load charts

If interested we can also help you with transport, paintjobs and service/maintenance.

Manufacturer: Liebherr
Type: LTM1150
Lifting capacity: 150t
Year: 2009

Crane Carrier
Engine make/type: Liebherr D 9508
Transmission: ZF
Emission regulations: EURO III
Size of wheels: 16.00 R25
Drive & steering: 12x 8
Hours: 2810
Kilometers: 52.834

Crane Superstructure
Engine make/type: Liebherr D 934
Main boom: 66m
Fly jib: 10.8m
Winches: 2
Hook blocks: 5-sheave, 3-sheave, Ball-hook
Counterweight (t): FULL
Safe load indicator: LICCON 2
Hours: 5795
Extra: Airco, Special jib 2.9m, Telma Brake, Telescopic boom ext 2x 7,, Working flood lights, Support pressure indication, Working area limiter.

Fabricante : Liebherr
Tipo: LTM1150
Ano de construção: 2009
Capacidade de elevação: 150
Comprimento da lança: 66
Fly jib: 10,8
Guinchos: 2
Quilometragem: 52834
Horas estrutura superior: 5795
Horas do chassi: 2810
Motor marca/modelo: Liebherr D9508
Estrutura superior motocicleta marca/modelo: liebherr D934
Telma brake: Sim
Transmissão: ZF
Axle lines: 6
Tamanho das rodas: 1600R25
Drives e Controles: 12X8
Blocos de elevação: 5-sheave, 3-sheave, ball hook
Contrapeso (t): Full
Safe load indicator: Licon 2
Serial number: 068501
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